Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wanna win an ukulele?

Music has been part of my life since I was little. I'd not taken time to play and enjoy it much in recent years. Thankfully, that changed.

Thanks to a wonderful person, I have discovered the ukulele. If you don't know what this humble (but sometimes insanely flashy) little instrument can do, just take a listen to this:

Don't have one of your own? The amazing folks over at Hawaii Music Supply have a contest going right now to win one of 4 lovely ukuleles. Give the trivia contest a shot. :)

Having come from a guitar background, the ukulele is quite a bit easier to play (especially the nylon/fluorocarbon vs. steel strings). Check one out the next time you are wandering through your local musical instrument store... They don't have one? Ask them to get a couple in for people to try!

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