Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tired of the standard bundle? How about Build Your Own?

I mentioned TheMacBundles in a previous post, but only gave the link to their main page.

Here's a bit more info if you are tired of all the bundles that shove together a bunch of stuff you'll never make use of. The build your own bundle (BYOB) might get you a reasonable discount on a group of apps you really could use. Their preset bundle is done for September but you can still choose your own.

They give you the option to pick 5 or pick 10 apps to bundle at a discount.

Pick from:

A-Dock X
Compress Files
Duplicate Annihilator
File Juicer
Print It!
Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro

Texting... Really? Stop Already!

Okay, I get it. SMS is a big thing. It's probably a great money maker for the cell companies too. But, I don't use it. I don't have it on my plan. I have it turned off for everything but the free messages from my carrier. You may well ask... WHY? Everyone uses SMS, partakes of texting.

Because I have...

  • Email
  • Games that have chat
  • Apps that specifically do chat
  • Twitter list a few.

Why the heck would I pay more than my data plan when I have all these other methods of communication?

Now the frustration kicks in a bit when apps I used on my iPhone want to text me instead of using any of the various other methods of communication already available via my device and data plan.

Having it as an option for those who don't have the devices with more capabilities is just fine, but making it the ONLY option? Hey, devs, consider what you are programming for and take advantage of the capabilities of the device. Don't just cater to the lowest common denominator... PLEASE?

(I might just be referring to ShopKick and Starbucks here) ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The bundles keep going...

There's another that was brought to my attention... MonthBundle. The September bundle is, no surprise, available through September 30th.

There are a couple in there I don't actually have. But for the bundle price I'm not sure it's worth it if you only want one of the apps. If 3 or more appeal to you it might be worth checking this one out.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

About those shoes...

A few months ago I got back into wearing heels... in a rather big way. I had been primarily wearing Crocs and Teva sandals. I still do wear both of those, but I'm increasingly wearing heels to work every day.

It started innocently enough. I'd lost some weight, started clearing out the wardrobe and decided to give skirts a try again but I had exactly one pair of shoes that might work. I still have them, they fit fine. They are a black velvet, low heel Mary Jane style. What you might see on a low-key ballroom dancer.

So, when I was out shopping for something entirely different — tools — I wandered into the shoe department and found low heel snakeskin pumps, on sale of course. They were a bit pointier than the velvet Mary Janes, but still a low heel and very inexpensive. I wore them quite a lot for a bit.

Little-by-little, I ended up in front of sale racks of shoes, matching a new wardrobe as inexpensively as I could manage. The height of the heel kept increasing too. Then... I found I needed a shoe rack (well, 2 really but I haven't found a place to actually put a second rack yet).

So, after an amusing conversation with a very dear friend — who hasn't learned yet not to joke about these things with me (you know who you are and I hope you never stop joking, btw!) — we determined I have a bit to say about shoes... and it's not terribly Mac related. So I've started ;)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Revival of a blog... and yes, there are more bundles for Mac users

It's been quite a year since I posted about that bundle way back in February of 2010. In the intervening time I have managed to acquire quite an array of shoes (more to come on that later), enjoyed watching two people in my household embrace and thoroughly enjoy the use of an iPad and traveled a great deal.

There are still more bundles out there. For switchers or the "new to Mac" crowd they might be a reasonable thing to check out. Some of us longtime users are getting a bit indifferent to bundles. Nevertheless, you can check out a few at these URLs:

Oh and... MacHeist, where art thou? Hmmm?