Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Drobo discount pricing for current owners... watch your email!

One of the reasons I register my hardware is to get notifications from the companies for exactly something like this! Data Robotics sent out an email to current Drobo owners... come and get a second one at a nifty discount. It's a great deal too. So, if you haven't checked your email or you overlooked that little tidbit from Data Robotics, go back and look at the offer. It might just be worth it to you to get an additional unit.

If you haven't gotten off the fence yet and purchased a Drobo, you can still get a discount. The $25 evangelist discount is good through December 31st. Just use the REFJENL code for the instant discount.

If you have questions you need answered before making the purchase decision, check out the Drobo Community and get the skinny on how folks are making use of their units.

Friday, October 05, 2007

It's baaack, just when you thought you couldn't get a deal on a Drobo!

So, Data Robotics decided the program was so successful with us Evangelists that they are giving us a chance to once again pass a $25 savings on to you though December 31! That's right, you can take a $25.00 discount by going to the Drobo Store and using the code REFJENL to take $25 off a really cool storage device. And, since it's good through December that means you can pick one up as a holiday gift for that person who has everything — except enough storage for all their videos, music and photos.

Why not head over to the Apple Store and toss an iTunes Gift Card into the box as well! What Mac addicted computer user wouldn't love that combination?

I'm throwing tons of video at mine and loving the access over my Airport Extreme.

Take a look at the YouTube video to give an idea about the Drobo if you haven't seen or heard about it yet.

And, here's another review of the Drobo from I4U News.

Check out a really cool piece of data storage equipment and grab a disount too!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Wouldn't a reverse lawsuit feel wonderful about now? (-;

It would be oh so tempting to put together a class action lawsuit aimed at people like this:

Woman Sues Apple Over iPhone Price Cut

As some prominent reporters and bloggers have noted, no good deed goes unpunished.

$1M in damages! Get real. Let's see, and you think that will do exactly what to future pricing? Some people really are whiny, greedy idiots at times.

For a couple more views on this:

Pogue's column at the NYT

MacRumors forum discussion