Saturday, May 14, 2005

Preparing for Tiger

Just took a 4 day trip to the San Francisco area to visit family & friends. Had a great time at Pescadero beach and up in Sonoma and Napa. While we were away my Family Pack finally arrived from Amazon. It was a deal I couldn't pass up. I had a gift certificate and Amazon is running a $50 rebate for Tiger purchases made by 05/31/05. If you don't need the Family Pack there's a $30 rebate on a single license.

So, I'm cloning drives, repairing permissions and preparing to install Tiger this evening. My storage situation is worse than we first thought! I have multiple machines and a total of 310 GB in the machines themselves!!! Sheesh. Now I'm pricing even larger hard drives to get my back-up capacity in line with the machines. It is truly amazing how quickly drive space is gobbled up by video. I thought mp3's, photos, Illustrator and Photoshop files were bad. (-;

The plan is to upgrade my AlBook then my husband's TiBook and then finally our iMac. Might be finished in the wee hours after all are completed. Once I'm sure everything is in working order I'll have to post a couple of the best photos from our trip.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

EyeTV 200 -- rocks!

Well, it rocks but it also is contributing to a phenomenal amount of storage need in our household now. However, now I can actually WATCH the shows I'd like to see without worrying about content for the 3 year old's eyes/ears -- after he goes to bed, of course. I absolutely love the fact that I can strip the commercials and advertising out before we watch his favorite kids shows (over and over and over).

While I still think that PBS has some of the best content for kids, what is with the "commercials" for Fruit Loops, Kellogg's, and other stuff?? Thankfully, Mister Roger's Neighborhood must have some sort of agreement in place that only permits the traditional "This program is funded in part by..." spoken sponsors list. Our two-working-parent household doesn't allow for much regular TV watching so it's nice to have even more fine grain control over the viewing by getting rid of commercials from PBS as well as the regular Saturday morning fare.

I can't recommend EyeTV 200 highly enough if you are a Mac addict like me (Sorry Windoze folks, you'll need to look for other comparable products because Elgato only makes this for us Mac faithful). (-;