Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Texting... Really? Stop Already! - Update

So, I contacted ShopKick via their feedback and they do have a workaround for those who choose not to text. However, the drawback is, it appears you need to contact them via their feedback to know this (or maybe it's on their web site?).

Communication with your target consumer is a good thing. Give me pop-ups and info about things so I'm not ranting about your app to the whole world when I'm frustrated and annoyed using it.

I also learned via their feedback that the bonus points for walking into a given store are only good in a few markets right now. But I only learned that after I was frustratingly clicking away on those bonuses I thought I should have been getting at stores I went to specifically to test it out.

I do see that the markets are defined in the About section now. More in-your-face when you are clicking madly would be good though. It will also cut down on some of the repetitive "Hey, this didn't work right" emails to feedback. ;)

If I have an iPhone in my hand, assume I want nearly 100% of my information about your app... in my hand. Don't assume that I'm going to go to your web pages, your blog and read little details like... it doesn't work where I am right now. Oh, a lot of us won't read the About either most likely.

I do give them kudos for quick and informative responses when you do send questions or suggestions though. Bravo.