Friday, August 26, 2011

Time flies...

Wow, nearly a year has gone by since I last posted here. That's a bit too long!

It's been a rather momentous 10 months overall. Lot's going on at the day job, at home, travel, buying an iPad app and now watching the shifting role of Steve Jobs.

So, buying an iPad app. I don't mean that in the sense that I just added another to my ever growing collection of apps that I need to organize on the iPad in addition to the hundreds on my iPhone.

My partner, Dan, and I bought... the entire app... and are now selling it in the App Store. If you get a moment go check out Agendas. Our up-and-coming business app that is very sleek, straightforward and just poised for us to add some great features to push it forward in the business space.

I've got outlines sitting waiting to go onto as well. And I'm still blogging a few other places as time and inclination permits. That is, when I'm not mowing the lawn or trying to get the rest of the frame siding painted these days.

Oh, right, Steve Jobs. There was a bit of news about him recently. The wild speculation from both the doomsayers and the intense Kool-Aid drinkers just has me shaking my head and waiting for the furor to die down. :P

Do people really think he doesn't remember AT ALL what happened when he left Apple all those years ago? Do people really think that no-one else on the planet has any vision for cool and innovative?

I agree with many — yes Jobs absolutely is a visionary and an amazing CEO and took Apple to insane heights. He's not the only person on this planet who is capable of things like that.

I've been using Macs since 1985, I'm a shareholder and now I'm an Apple Developer as well. I've enjoyed a fair amount of that Kool-Aid myself. But I have no fear that the company whose computing products and software I prefer is going to be doing anything but keeping it's customers happy and ensconced in intuitive software and sleek wonderful engineering for years to come.