Sunday, January 20, 2008

VectorDesigner added to MacHeist bundle

VectorDesigner was just added to the MacHeist bundle, to be unlocked for all customers when $300,000 is raised for charity.

[Since a friend kindly bought a bundle by directly asking for my referral code and a couple others convinced me I should really put the link back into my blog... if you click on over to MacHeist via this LINK I'll get credit for the referral. When just ONE person does that I'll revert this link to go to the main page.]

A big thank you to the anonymous person who clicked and bought! As promised, the link goes straight to the main page now. Keep those purchases coming though... (-:

Not only are you getting a bevy of really great Mac apps (Switchers, this is a dream bundle at $49 to get you up and running on your shiny new Mac system) but what a fantastic amount to be distributing to charity! Let's hit $300,000!!

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