Monday, January 21, 2008

Nearing $300K for charity, a little over $20K to go...

If you are seriously considering a purchase and haven't yet participated in MacHeist check out the Forums before you buy. There are loads of folks looking for buyers to use their referral links so they can earn an additional free app or two. Acts of kindness are appreciated and will help you gather positive karma. (-:

The bundle stands at 14 applications with a retail value of $498.60 if you were to buy direct from the developers. At $49 - that's a tad over 90% off. You won't often find a deal that sweet!

You currently have 2 days and a few hours to make up your mind. Download some of the apps and give 'em a test run. No-one is asking you to buy sight unseen. You might find that there is something that was just the app you needed, with the rest as a nice bonus to make use of or gift to folks (yup, that's an option too).

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