Saturday, January 12, 2008

It just keeps getting better - MacHeist II - Take a look

Head over to MacHeist and check out the deal!

There's lot to offer and potentially more to come.

[edit] so I did have my referral link up here for the "refer a friend" promo to get the additional apps. Too much controversy for me at the moment so I've removed it. If you click on MacHeist, that's what you get, the main page for MacHeist.

I like getting inexpensive or even free apps as much as the next Mac addict but, I've now been shamelessly spammed with invite links from a few sources they shouldn't have come from and I'm not going to push my personal referral anymore.

I still totally enjoy the community and can highly recommend buying a bundle if you find the apps, any one of them, useful. It's a great deal!

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