Saturday, July 14, 2007

Macintosh Application Uninstallers

After a few really hectic weeks I've finally managed to post the next application comparison.

I came across a number of applications that seemed to fit the bill for what I wanted — uninstall unused/unwanted apps from my Mac system. Those that "made the cut" are in the uninstallers comparison chart. There are nine apps compared.

Keep in mind, the intent of these comparisons is to put apps side-by-side to see what features they offer. I'm not touting these as a review of recommendations and I'm not singling out one above the rest. I find it useful to compare software side-by-side and figure it might just be useful to someone else too.

Give it a look. The best way to figure out which app is right for you is to download, install and test it. Having an uninstaller handy is a good thing for clearing up hard drive space when accumulating a bunch of demos, etc. Amusingly, most of these apps will uninstall each other (but not themselves, of course. ;-)

Information about what I included is in my post on jennsBLOG and there's also a post about what I left out and why. It's my intent that this will be the standard formula for the app comparisons — the table and 2 blog posts for each.

As always, if I've left out that one spectacular app in this category that you couldn't do without, drop me a comment. I'll check out your recommendation and add it if it fits the bill.

jennsBLOG :: Uninstaller Comparison Chart

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