Monday, July 09, 2007

Another Bundle Deal, Some Useful Apps... MacHeist & MacUpdate

MacUpdate Promo and MacHeist have a "deal" going that might be of use to folks who don't already have a majority of the apps. It could be pretty nice deal for $49.99 for 7 apps if you have use for them, or not, that's for you to decide once you check it out.

The line up looks like this from MacUpdate:

SRS iWow 1.1.8
GarageSale 3.2.2
Cocktail 3.8.1
ProfCast 2.1.3
Amadeus Pro 1.0.3
Fetch 5.2.1
GraphicConverter X 5.9.5.

Three more apps will be unlocked when the appropriate bundle sales have been achieved (2,500, 4,000, 9,999) and they are:
Little Snitch 1.2.4
Intaglio 2.9.5
TechTool Pro 4.5.2.

MacHeist has sweetened the deal by adding BrowseBack & Exces, an additional unamed app, as well as private beta access to Pixelmator & Flow .

Check it out to see if it's a deal for you. Inevitably there is a swirl of controversy. My take on the whole thing is this: Decide if the apps (most or all) will be useful to you. Decide whether you can afford the $50 bucks. Decide whether getting the additional group of things from MacHeist adds value and jump on it — or don't.

Really, truly, no-one is forcing anyone purchase this. But, enjoy some nifty apps if you decide this bundle is for you.

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