Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Taste testing fun - Bloggers Blends

I'm going to try all of the blends in the Bloggers series straight — no sugar, milk, cream, creamer — to see how they stack up to some of our long-standing favorites. Then I'll do what my coffee-snob friends despise and add that packet of sugar and milk or cream to see how they compare to other coffee as I normally drink it.

So, the package of 6 Bloggers Blends arrived the other day and the first one we (my husband and I) tried was the Bloggers Beach Blast. To quote from the Boca Java description, "This luscious flavored coffee will make your blog! Featuring a tantalizing combination of chocolate and caramel." And a tasty brew it is! I'm generally not much on flavored coffee blends but this one is smooth and subtle. The flavoring is not overpowing and I actually like it straight — black. That's unusual, as I generally like at least a little milk or cream(er) in my coffee and often that packet of sugar my coffee-snob friends avoid. This one may make the short list for blends we keep on hand regularly.

The second brew I tried, Late Night Log In, is stronger in flavor but still quite tasty. I like this one better with some creamer (I tried a vanilla creamer with just a little milk since the flavored creamers are always too sweet on their own for my taste). This is definitely a bolder roast but it doesn't leave a bitter or acidic taste like some darker roasts or European blends. I tend to steer clear of the really strong roasts as they tend to haunt me with heartburn. )-:

I've tried other mail order brews as well as large national chains (not just Starbuck's ;-). So far, the Bloggers Blends I've tasted are every bit as good and in a reasonable price range compared to some of the better brews I've enjoyed. I have 4 more blends to try and hope to get them all brewed sometime in the next 5-7 days. So far, I'm pretty impressed with two the Bloggers Blends I've tasted so far.

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