Thursday, April 27, 2006

Number 3 - Bloggers Boot Up Blend

So I managed to take enough time this morning to brew up a 3rd blend to try, Bloggers Boot Up Blend. At least to my sleepy, "not yet ready to take on the office" taste buds, it struck me as being right between Beach Blast and Late Night Log In in terms of strength.

I'm still favoring Beach Blast as the top choice thus far but I have three to go before declaring a clear winner. Boot Up Blend is quite a nice breakfast brew with a satisfying, relatively smooth finish. It's a nice middle of the road, medium blend that will certainly satisfy a morning coffee drinker's needs.

More information on the types of beans and where they are grown can be had at the Boca Java web site. The have a decent deal going on the 6 blends right now with either a hat or a mug thrown in. Not bad. (-;

And an update from my hubby, he's voting for Beach Blast over Late Night Log In as well at the moment, but he hasn't tasted Boot Up Blend yet.

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