Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Texting... Really? Stop Already!

Okay, I get it. SMS is a big thing. It's probably a great money maker for the cell companies too. But, I don't use it. I don't have it on my plan. I have it turned off for everything but the free messages from my carrier. You may well ask... WHY? Everyone uses SMS, partakes of texting.

Because I have...

  • Email
  • Games that have chat
  • Apps that specifically do chat
  • Twitter list a few.

Why the heck would I pay more than my data plan when I have all these other methods of communication?

Now the frustration kicks in a bit when apps I used on my iPhone want to text me instead of using any of the various other methods of communication already available via my device and data plan.

Having it as an option for those who don't have the devices with more capabilities is just fine, but making it the ONLY option? Hey, devs, consider what you are programming for and take advantage of the capabilities of the device. Don't just cater to the lowest common denominator... PLEASE?

(I might just be referring to ShopKick and Starbucks here) ;)

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