Monday, August 17, 2009

The Mac App Bundles continue with three to choose from

I'm late to the game with this one. The Mac Sale has been going on for a bit apparently but I just heard about it when I checked my MacZot emails. The Zot for 5% off the $49.99 price runs, as I type this, for 3 more hours.

10 apps included:

You have a little more time to decide on TheMacBundles current offer. This one has 6 days to go.

9 apps (plus 1 bonus) included:
The remaining available bonus app is CosmoPod

And there's also the MacBundleBox with 12 apps:
If, like me, you've bought a fare number of previous bundles you may have some of these already. If you don't have the pricier apps it might be worth a jump for a bundle and then see if any other apps find their way into your regular stable.

Otherwise, perhaps you will find something you didn't know was out there and, if the price for one app directly from the dev is reasonable their marketing has succeeded in getting the word out for the devs involved. 

Happy shopping.

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