Monday, May 25, 2009

If you see me smiling for no apparent reason...

I'm likely thinking of something amusing or amazing that my 7 year old has said at some point. People who don't have children just don't understand this. It's okay.

He's an only child, like I was. That too is okay. I converse with family and friends who have more than one child and there are days when I'm thankful we had him when we did and that we only have one child. He can be a real scamp at times. I have utter respect for friends and family who are managing multiple children. Knowing how much love and effort one child can pull out of me I can't imagine doing this with more than one.

A friend, who knows me well, said that I'd do fine. She's just had her second, a daughter. Children are absolutely amazing and I'm positive she will be a wonderful mother to her son and daughter. I'm sure I'd do fine as well but I love the interaction and direct attention I can provide to shape this wonderful creature.

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