Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rethinking Machine Distribution. The Drobo ripple effect...

I've been slowly moving video content onto the Drobo. I'm finding that it's playback over wireless is quite good throughout our house. Of course, I can't quite do with a Drobo what can be done with an AppleTV, so I'm still considering one of those at some point in the future. Specifially for the iTunes movie playback that would be so convenient now that we're buying now and then.

So now I'm thinking of putting flat panels in locations I hadn't considered before. See, we live in a 210 year old stone house with a 204 year old frame addition. Shiny aluminum (or titanium...) isn't the most historically accurate thing to put into most of these rooms. But, I think I can get away with a carefully placed flat panel here and there.

This would enable a really great way to do slide shows, watch movies, etc. with family and friends.

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