Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What a great platform - Apple's Mac OS X

I'm having a great time capturing video, editing and burning DVD's for my son these days. I'm looking forward to my "Family Pack" of Tiger arriving so I can explore the new features they've added.

I try not to be a total Mac snob but, what can I say, they keep coming out with more amazing hardware and developers (including Apple's own) keep giving us software that just works! I was able to grab a wonderful audio snippet to keep with a couple of PDF's I created from web content about an artist whose work I admire (and actually own a piece of!). There are times when the information age simply rocks!

I'm currently enjoying software (and hardware) from:
Zapptek -- way cool iPod apps
Elgato -- EyeTV
Readerware -- great database tools for book lovers, DVD and CD collectors
Porchdog Software -- a great app called Spike. I work cross platform a lot at work and this is just "the" easiest way to get a document from the Mac to the Win box.

And looking into getting software from:
Cepstral -- much better sounding voices for speaking things like text from the Gutenberg Project converted to spoken word for "iPodding". Imagine my surprise when I realized this little company is close to home (Pittsburgh PA ;-).

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